Saturday, February 13, 2016

Defensive Prediction - NE region Blackout for Feb 14, 2016

This is a weak prediction but hopefully if it's accurate, it can serve to prevent the terrorist attack from occurring.

First a link to the basis of my prediction.  An "end of the world" prediction in Ghostbusters II.

Extra Capsa on Valentine's Day

English Ordinal or Simple English Gematria summary: a=1,b=2,c=3...z=26

February = 96 in English Ordinal Gematria


World Trade Center was 110 stories.

Also 96+14+20+16 = 146.

Power Outage = 146 in English Ordinal Gematria

There's a major arctic air mass moving into the northeastern USA this weekend with bitter cold temperatures.  So it makes sense to me that the attack would be an electrical blackout, given the amount of damage that would occur from burst heating pipes and people freezing to death.

So a blackout on Feburary 14, 2016.  And I want to be wrong.  This prediction is not so I can say "I told you so", it's to prevent the attack from occurring.  If there's a major blackout in the northeast or just New York City, it is contrived by the numbers and it won't be Islamic terrorists or Russian hackers, at most they are proxies for the elite financial interests that govern this planet.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NH Primary 2016 - Ritual Homage to Saturn

I've been reading Matthew Nicholson's work on Facebook as well as his informative videos on youtube.  I encourage you check out his work.  His angle is the numerology related to Saturn.  Saturn orbits our Sun at a speed of 9.69 km per second.  969 is the number.  So many events historically have been planned around this number in honor of Saturn.

Saturn is an ancient deity which is known by many names, Satan being one.

In any case, I will let you do your own research on the subject.  But for now, I wish to highlight the NH Primary of 2016 held on February 9.

In Simple English Gematria, February = 96.

F  E  B  R   U   A  R   Y

So it's simple, February 9 = 969

2016 can be reduced to 216, because you can ignore zeroes in numerology.

216 = 6x6x6

969 666 is the ritual of Feburary 9, 2016.  New Hampshire residents get to pick which Illuminati puppet they want.

Friday, January 8, 2016

88, 18, Mein Kampf Republished

The new annotated edition of Mein Kampf was released today in Germany: 1/8/2016

"mein kampf" in the English Ordinal system
 equals 88

88 = H H = Heil Hitler

The Date 1/8:

1 8 = A H = Adolf Hitler

And the hype is just proganda to get people angry and fearful, worked up, aguring about a text written by a defeated dictator 90 years ago.

Adolf Hitler was a puppet of world financial powers.  AKA The Freemasons, The Illuminati.

Today he is a secular devil to troll idiots into getting angry.

Additional info:

It was 1295 weeks since Germany became fully sovereign on 3/15/1991.  

3/15/1991 to 1/8/2016 is 1295 weeks.

Now do a reflection of 1295:

1295+5921 = 7216

72+16 = 88

88 = HH = Heil Hitler

The release date a ritual.

Friday, November 27, 2015

58, 239, 32 Man kills father over fast food

Here's another bit of freemasonic fear programming.


The article is archived as well:

Gematria Breakdown: 

(Thanks to for their gematria tool)

The alleged attacker Ronald Pritchett is from Purvis, Mississippi.  Purvis = 33, the most important number in freemasonry.  Pritchett = 119, to trigger the programmed 9/11 fear response.  Mississippi = 58.  He attacked his father, who was 58 years old, father = 58.  He's being held in the Lamar County Jail.  Lamar County Jail = 58.  

Do you see the numbers?

Ronald Pritchett is said to be 32 years old.  Ronald is a black man.  Negro = 32.  He's said to have killed his father over fast food.
In the pythagorean or reduction system, sum the digits of the letters to get single digits.

FAST FOOD = 6 +1 + 1 + 2 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 4 = 32.

The title of the article itself, "man accused of killing father who didn't bring him fast food" = 239.  The attack occured on November 25, the 329th day of the year.  329/239.  329/923/239 has been heavily coded in news stories and advertising all year.  The 239th congress means this year.  The pope visited the Whitehouse on 9/23.    

I admit I don't understand all the significance of 239.

On Nov 25, there are 36 days left of the year.  Add numbers 1 to 36 you get 666, the number of the beast in Revelation.  The freemasons use Revelation as a playbook.

Ronald was captured on November 26, the 330th day of the year.  330 can be reduced to to 33 in numerology.  So it starts with Purvis (33) stabbing his parents, and finishes with 33, being arrested.  Opened and closed with 33.  Freemasonic coding. 

Do you see the numbers?  These assholes sign their work.

It's a sick, racist joke meant to provoke fear.  The negro kills his dad over fast food, and gets arrested.

His father was taken to Ochsner Hospital. 
(Thanks to for their tool)

Ochsner = 276 in Jewish Dematria.
Deception = 276

These False Jews, the Synagogue of Satan, aka Freemasonry, do this constantly in the news, entertainment, advertising.  It's mind programming to get is to hate and fear each other so they can more easily control us.   Anxiety makes us feel run down, and makes us easier to control.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Prediction for 9/22/15 to 9/26/15

The purpose of this prediction is not to claim prestige and say "I told you so" when something bad happens.  It is my belief, based on the work of David Chase Taylor of , as well as the news analysis of various persons online, such as Zachary Hubbard, RedsilverJ, Skyedog (who's videos have been taken down for some time now), that it is possible to predict future terrorist events by reading the clues inserted into the news by conspirators in media, government, religious institutions, academia, sports and entertainment.

My purpose here is to attempt to prevent certain crimes from occurring by accurately predicting what will happen.  If I sufficiently accurate, then I can prevent them from happening.  If the conspirators follow through, then I look like a prophet, and can name names of the conspirators, and they'll end up in jail if they're lucky or dead if the angry mobs get to them.

There is no way to prove that my predictions are accurate.  If they're accurate, the events will be cancelled or postponed.  If I'm wrong, then they won't happen anyway.  Again this is not about prestige but about stopping crimes.

I emphasize, I make the prediction so as to prevent the event from occurring.  

I do not want anyone to be murdered.  The results will be disastrous if the things I predict occur.

Having said that, this is what I predict for the meeting of Pope Francis and President Obama:

Whether it's at the initial meeting at the airport on the 09/22/2015, or during their later scheduled meeting on 09/23/2015, someone will attempt to shoot President Obama and the Pope.  President Obama will be shot in the head by the assassin. This assassin will be a white male, Christian (but not Catholic), conspiracy theorist believing Obama is The Anti-Christ and Pope Francis as the False Prophet of revelation.  After being shot dead or arrested, search of the assassin's residence or hotel will have papers or computer logs of biblical passages, or a bible with highlighted passages and crib notes in the margins.  Notes about the meanings of names, the gematria of names, the significance of blood moons.

If you work for the Secret Service, I encourage you to be extra vigilant to help stop this crime should the conspirators intend to follow through with it.

The purpose of the murders is to further aggravate divisions in the USA.  Protestant vs Catholic.  Black vs White.  Anglo vs Hispanic.  Brainwashed vs conspiracy theorists.  They've been trying to start a race war for some time now, and the murder of our mixed raced but called 'black' president may trigger racial violence of a scale not seen in this country for a long time now.  Not to mention ruining US international credibility as a safe place to travel.  The Pope goes everywhere safely but gets shot in the USA.

I hope I'm right, so as to prevent the crimes from occurring.

Monday, September 14, 2015

157, 42: Browns vs Jets Season Opener 9/13/2015

For those of you who doubt Zachary Hubbard's work on the rigging of games by the numbers, here's an independent analysis by me.  And don't just take my word for it.  Learn the basics of Gematria so you can do the analysis yourself.  Do not let internet prophets do all your thinking for you.  Invest the time to learn what folks are talking about.

All uploaded images are used for the purposes of commentary, research, and analysis.

In Simple English Gematria: 
Player Of the Game = 157
Travis Benjamin  = 157
Metlife Stadium = 157

In Pythagorean Gematria:
Josh McCown = 42
Concussion = 42

Don't just take my word for it.  Invest the time to learn the methodology, and do analysis yourself.  Don't let Internet prophets do all your thinking for you.  And certainly don't let the TV Networks do your thinking for you.  Deliberate lies and half-truths is what you'll get from them.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

34 58: Obama's Iran Deal will survive as 34th Senator announces support

All done by Pythagorean gematria.

Last name is a 33.
Full name is a 58.  5+8=13  They love 13.
Maryland = 34

Are there other numbers and clues hidden here?